Whether you are at a construction site in the depth of a forest, hundreds of miles offshore on a rig or in a remote site Quadrant can provide a full catering service to meet your exact requirements. People working in extreme environments are especially appreciative of services that improve their quality of life. That is why Quadrant provides the highest standard of hospitality solutions for our camp residents. We are committed to taking care of employees by providing a well-balanced and nutritional diet.

Food is a basic human need that takes on added value in a remote work camp. Catering quality is almost as important to your workforce as wages. The comfort found in healthy, nutritious catered meals after a tough work duty can be the factor that convinces skilled workers to stay on the job.

Remote camp catering is our specialty. Quadrant offeres superior camp catering service in Ethiopia. Our well-established relationship with local suppliers makes us to provide catering service with quality products at the best price.

Quality Catering and Employee Moral

A well-fed workforce is a healthier and happier workforce. Our remote camp catering menus are designed to give your workers great tasting meals and better nutrition. The result? Fewer sick days and accidents, enhanced wellbeing, and improved safety.

We take care of the Dirty Work

When we do our job well, the job we do goes unnoticed. But we don’t mind. A clean working and living environment shouldn’t be a choice. It should be a right and so we make sure that whenever we are contracted to provide cleaning service, you won’t see what we have done. We are very proud of the hygiene standards in our camps.

A site that is not clean can leave a very bad impression on both residents and visitors at the camp.We make sure that all of our staff work to the very highest standards and follow a strict plan of cleaning protocols.

Whatever the environment in which we operate, we always have an eye towards the sustainability of our actions

Anything from changing a light bulb to camp construction, our onsite maintenance solutions will have the manpower and equipment standing by when a situation arise that need their attention to keep your camp in good order.

Our technical team performs periodical maintenance before damage occurs; daily monitoring and inspection of equipment and carried out maintenance in the event of equipment damag


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